• Matthew, Tell me about Heaven: A Firsthand Description of by Suzanne Ward

    By Suzanne Ward

    A entire examine Heaven that might swap your lifestyles. via a chain of heartwarming telepathic conversations among Matthew Ward (who died at age 17) and his mom, we know about the excellent task and variety of lifestyles within the realm we name Heaven. Matthew clears up universal misconceptions concerning the international the place he lives (he says its right identify is Nirvana) and explains why, during this remarkable time within the heritage of Earth, it's crucial that we all know the reality of our beginnings and our dating with all of production. with no that fact, we can't comprehend both the aim of our lives or tips on how to arrange with a bit of luck and joyously for what's to return. subject matters: Heaven's situation and goal. citizens and viewers. Reception of Souls. Reunions with household. Relationships. young children. Animals. Angels and Spirit courses. Near-Death reports. Suicides. foodstuff. trip. Employment and game. Cultural assets. schooling. song. structures. Etheric our bodies. Lifeprint evaluation. feelings. conversation among Heaven and Earth. the results of Prayer.
    "Matthew, inform Me approximately Heaven not just is helping us to appreciate the wonderful thing about the opposite facet, yet to profit the best way to convey that attractiveness to our personal world." -- Bobbie Sandoz, Hawaii, writer of "Listening to Wild Dolphins"
    "The conversation among Matthew and his mom is not anything under an handbook that may rescue the human race -- simply in time. it may be revealed in each language, and browse via -- or to -- all people from the age of 7 upwards. it truly is the most entire photograph the area has ever had of the Universe all of us got here from -- and to which we are going to all go back while our lives the following have run their course." -- Michael Joseph, London, author and editor.

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  • Zen und Mystik: Sitzen in Stille im Stil des Zen - Übung und by James Henry Ringrose,Klemens J.P. Speer

    By James Henry Ringrose,Klemens J.P. Speer

    Zen und Mystik, Sitzen in Stille als geistiger Übungs- und Lebensweg kommt in unserer Zeit eine immer größer werdende Bedeutung zu. Das für den Westen entwickelte, aus den buddhistischen Traditionen in weltliche shape übertragene Achtsamkeits-Training von Jon Kabbat-Zinn, ist inzwischen für viele Menschen, die in sozialen und therapeutischen Einrichtungen tätig sind, zur Zusatz-Ausbildung geworden. Achtsamkeits-Übungen sind eine wichtige Grundlage für „Zen und Mystik“, für buddhistisches Zen und christliche Kontemplation aus Ost und West. Zen und Mystik führen jedoch ein großes Stück weiter in die Tiefe, über das Achtsamkeits-Training hinaus, in die innere Erfahrung von Eins-Sein, in das Non-duale Bewusstsein. Das Buch dokumentiert Texte aus zwei Sesshins - zu den zehn Ochsenbildern und zu Franz von Assisi - und einen Vortrag über die Spiritualität bei Vincent van Gogh. Zudem enthält es ausführliche Anleitungen zur täglichen Praxis.

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  • India: A Civilization of Differences: The Ancient Tradition by Alain Daniélou

    By Alain Daniélou

    a suite of Daniélou's writings that builds a daring and cogent security of India's caste system

    • seems on the Hindu caste procedure no longer as racist inequality yet as a ordinary ordering of diversity

    • finds the stereotypes of Indian society invented to justify colonialism

    • comprises never-before-published articles via the the world over famous Hindu student and translator of The entire Kama Sutra (200,000 copies sold)

    In classical India social ethics are in response to each one individual's practical position in society. those ethics range in accordance with caste as a way to maximize the individual's effectiveness within the social context. this can be the definition of caste ethics.

    The Indian caste process isn't really a hierarchy with a few who're privileged and others who're despised; it's a normal ordering, an organizing precept, of a society in which modifications are embraced instead of missed. within the caste process it's as much as the person to accomplish perfection within the country to which she or he is born, due to the fact that to a definite quantity that nation additionally varieties a part of a person's nature. every person needs to accomplish their person non secular destinies whereas, as individuals of a social team, making sure the continuity of the crowd and participating in making a favorable framework for all human life--thereby pleasant the collective future of the crowd. The thought of transmigration presents an equalizing impact in this prescribed approach in that latest prince could be reborn as a woodcutter and the Brahman as a shoemaker.

    In India: A Civilization of Differences, Daniélou explores this seldom-heard facet of the caste debate and argues successfully in its prefer. This infrequent choice of the past due author's writings includes numerous never-before-published articles and provides an in-depth examine the constitution of Indian society ahead of and after Western colonialism.

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  • Time-Light by Bryan Hubbard,Lynne McTaggart

    By Bryan Hubbard,Lynne McTaggart

    Time-Light is a philosophy, a treatment, a self-help procedure - and but it's larger, and deeper, than the sum of its elements. it's a new method to see your self, the area and the aim of life.
    Time-Light tells you who you actually are. It takes you on a special voyage of discovery as you discover that 'you' are made from 3 selves, or time our bodies. As you age, you develop into time-heavy as reports you by no means absolutely understood start to weigh you down.
    Time-Light is a concept and a tradition that features a 21-day programme that is helping you develop into time-light as you have been should you have been a baby and also you might see the area because it fairly is - an unfolding miracle within the present.
    Time-Light features a Foreword by way of best-selling writer Lynne McTaggart (The box, The purpose scan and The Bond). She describes Time-Light as "one of the main believable theories i have ever examine what it capacity to be human."

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  • Krishnamurti's Departure from the Theosophical Society by Joseph E. Ross

    By Joseph E. Ross

    Joseph E. Ross resided on the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, Ojai, from 1968 to 1973. A student at the heritage of the Krotona Institute, he's additionally the landlord of the Ross assortment, a different archive of infrequent files, letters, and photographs relating the early days of Theosophy and its top figures of the time, together with: Dr. Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, C. Jinarajadasa, A.P. Warrington, and J. Krishnamurti. See www.krotonaarchives.com. From this archive, he has produced 8 books. This, quantity VI, is the final within the Krotona sequence. it truly is of specific curiosity to historians since it builds on quantity five and new archival files to extra show Theosophical conversations from the interval while Krishnamurti broke clear of the association of The Theosophical Society, as Krishnamurti’s standpoint turns into appear in his activities: “You, can't provide a poison from one part and the treatment from the opposite, that's to assert supply with one hand what I name Poison, firms, discipleship, Masters; and with the opposite the therapy, the therapy opposed to worry, opposed to lack of awareness and intelligence.”

    "Volume 6 is a shattering account of the actions of the early leaders of The Theosophical Society, together with their makes an attempt at coercing Theosophical participants into contract with their rules at the Masters, extending even to compelling trust in a synthesis of nontraditional Christianity with Hindu Esotericism. via their letters and conversations, as much as and past the deaths of Dr. Besant, and C.W. Leadbeater, the reader learns additionally of Krishnamurti’s estrangement from and reconciliation with the T.S. a lot of this data isn't really on hand wherever else." - Robert Boyd, theosophical scholar

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  • Mindfulness for Creativity: Adapt, create and thrive in a by Danny Penman

    By Danny Penman

    Work points in time, to-do lists, family members commitments, strain to perform... Our frantic lives call for loads from us that we will frequently think locked right into a cycle of frustration, nervousness and tension, not able to take on the initiatives sooner than us or see a fashion out of our routine methods of pondering and doing issues. but there's a method out. the straightforward mindfulness thoughts on the center of this ebook were confirmed to augment creativity, challenge fixing and choice making. in addition they dissolve nervousness, rigidity and melancholy whereas bettering psychological resilience. The 4 week programme takes simply 10-20 mins according to day.

    The easy-to-follow programme works via soothing and clearing your brain, permitting leading edge rules to take shape and crystallise. This lets you spontaneously 'see' the answer to an issue, to conjure up new rules, or to create works with precise perception and aptitude. The programme additionally is helping construct the braveness helpful so you might stick with your rules at any place they need to lead - and the resilience to deal with any setbacks. it is going to aid your brain paintings extra successfully for you to remedy difficulties speedier, extra intuitively and feature the internal self belief to force your rules ahead.

    The accompanying CD comprises 6 meditations so you might use to construct an ongoing perform, mix and matching meditations to fit your circumstances.

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  • The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and by Nick Redfern

    By Nick Redfern

    Does a hulking, furry, 800-pound, nine-foot-tall, elusive primate roam the woods and forests all through North America—and the area? What may still we make of the grainy video clips and images and the hundreds of thousands of eyewitness studies? Audio-recordings exist purporting to be the creatures’ eerie chatter and bone-chilling screaming. even if referred to as Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or anything else, bipedal primates look in folklore, legends, and eyewitness money owed in each country of the union and plenty of areas around the globe. The fascination with the man-beast is more suitable than ever in today’s pop culture.

    Exploring the historical past, videos, and literature, the conspiracy theorizing, and the realm of the supernatural, The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates is a finished source to the man-beast. With approximately 2 hundred entries and one hundred twenty photos, drawings, and illustrations, it's the definitive advisor to realizing, searching, and fending off the brute, in addition to researching the evidence at the back of the sightings and scary stories. It covers four hundred years of folklore, mythology, historical past, and dad tradition, together with local American lore, the “wild males” stories within the pages of nineteenth century-era American newspapers, Florida's Myakka Skunk Ape, Australia's Yowie, China's Yeren, Himalayas’ Yeti, Russian expeditions, Harry and the Hendersons, Exists and the numerous video clips titled Bigfoot, in addition to specials at the tv indicates Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, clinical studies and findings, and masses, a lot more.

    Various documentaries and truth tv indicates have all superficially tackled the topic, yet Nick Redfern provides a really encyclopedic examine cryptid primates. it's a richly researched reference, overflowing with interesting info to make readers think—and reassess their subsequent tenting trip.

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  • Das Geheimnis des unendlichen Glücks: Planen Sie ihr Leben by Jean Blair

    By Jean Blair

    Warum nicht mal ein Sachbuch – aktuell als natural Lebenshilfe? Es passt intestine zu Ihnen, wenn Sie gern wissen möchten, used to be in diesem Leben noch alles auf Sie zukommen wird – oder nicht! Die große mystische Wort und Zahlenmagie des Unterbewusstseins wird schon seit Jahrhunderten geschätzt und praktiziert. Jetzt hat der Autor die letzten Rätsel der geheimen Wort – und Zahlenmagie für Sie persönlich entschlüsselt. Das echte " Das Geheimnis des unendlichen Glücks" - Hier ist es!

    Die geheimen Worte und Zahlen der mystischen geheimen Magie, die Ihnen die Zukunft vorhersagt und nach deren Weisungen Sie Ihr Leben, in allen möglichen Facetten, einfach neu planen können. Nichts bleibt Ihnen verborgen. Ab sofort werden Sie der Meister Ihres eigenen Schicksals. Sie nehmen Ihr Leben selbst in die Hand. Ihr Taktstock ist Ihr Unterbewusstsein, mit welchem Sie Ihr Leben dirigieren, mit Hilfe von geheimen Wörter und Zahlen, die auf jeden Menschen, auf der ganzen Welt exakt und persönlich analysiert wurden. Das Buch ist ein Novum der sachgebundenen Literatur. Es hat 12 Jahre gebraucht, bis es fertig struggle und erschienen ist. Der Autor bereiste die geheimen Länder und Städte der Welt, um „Das Geheimnis des unendlichen Glücks - Planen Sie Ihr Leben einfach neu“ in eine shape der leichten Gedanken und des schnellen Verstehens zu bringen.

    Es ist ihm gelungen. Genau wie er selbst davon profitiert, können Sie es ihm gleichtun. Sie werden Ihr Leben meistern, und wissen wann Sie – zum Beispiel - eine neue Beziehung beginnen, wann und wo Sie Ihre große Liebe finden, in welchem Beruf Sie glücklich werden, wo Sie wohnen sollten, um die kosmische Magie des Universums zu erhalten, wie Sie investieren müssen, um finanziell erfolgreich zu werden u.v.m. Das reale geheime Wissen, dass Sie diesem Buch entnehmen, ist die Macht des eigenen Handelns und Denkens. Die universelle Macht, die Sie über sich selbst haben, um glückliche Höchstleistungen zu vollbringen und optimistisch in die Zukunft zu blicken. Es ist eine wirkliche Dokumentation, die den Menschen schon immer gefehlt hat, um selbstbestimmend zu agieren. Sie werden den Zauber der Magie von „Secret of Magic Spell“ schon nach dem Lesen der ersten fünf Seiten spüren und bergreifen. was once Ihnen fehlt ist das Wissen über die geheime Macht des magischen Lebensbundes. Ihr Schlüssel dazu liegt in diesem unglaublich spannenden und wirksamen Buch. Benutzen Sie ihn! Öffnen Sie jetzt und heute Ihr „Secret of Magic Spell“. Sie werden es niemals bereuen. Dies wird Ihnen garantiert.

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  • The Essence of Meditation: Advanced Practices for New and by Andres Pelenur

    By Andres Pelenur

    even if we've got heard of the interior peace that meditation offers to carry, few folks have skilled it to any major measure. The query is why? In The Essence of Meditation, Andres publications us via a tradition method that's uncomplicated but tremendous robust, and that is extra refined than simply studying tips on how to watch our breath or our suggestions. Drawing from the deep wells of Tantric and Vedantic knowledge, we'll tips on how to pass universal hindrances and leisure within the completely satisfied expanse of expertise that's our real nature.

    In The Essence of Meditation, you'll learn:

    • How to establish an efficient meditation space;
    • How to set up right posture, alignment, and breath;
    • How to paintings along with your recommendations in a good and non-combative way;
    • How to control actual pains and discomforts while you're meditating;
    • The modifications among concentrative and so-called easy ways to meditation;
    • The secrets and techniques in the back of using a mantra;
    • How to meditate with no mantra;
    • How to hire strong dharanas (short contemplations) before everything of your meditation consultation that let the brain to develop into profoundly still;
    • The mystery in the back of the ability of attention;
    • How to figure out what the correct aim of meditation should still be;
    • The correct “view” (philosophical outlook) that might enable your meditation to noticeably deepen;
    • The correct bhava (feeling) that would permit your meditation to turn into heartfelt and expansive;
    • Key tantric thoughts, together with easy methods to paintings with the move of Shakti (spiritual strength) that's drawn into the physique because of deep meditation;
    • Why you shouldn't fear approximately awakening your Kundalini (coiled one) energy;
    • How to appreciate kriyas (spontaneous activities) and their significance;
    • How to accommodate visions, severe emotions, and different phenomena that could come up in the course of meditation;
    • An evaluate of the 5 key stages that spread in the course of a life of meditation;
    • How to beat perceived “dry spells” and the sensation of loss of progress;
    • How to combine your formal meditation consultation along with your day-by-day life;
    • How to prevent universal obstacles which may adversely have an effect on your meditation perform and more.

    Regardless of even if we determine as spiritual, agnostic, non secular, or atheist, the fast merits of studying the right way to quiet the brain minimize throughout all philosophical outlooks. The nectar of bliss, peace, and improved know-how that meditation yields usually are not a question of wishful pondering. All we have to do is methods to meditate.

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  • KM Kinemantra Meditation - DE (German Edition) by Eckhard Block

    By Eckhard Block

    Dieses Buch informiert über die Universalität von Meditation, über ihre vielfältigen Vorzüge und Wirkungsweisen und über die fortschrittlichste aller Meditationstechniken, die KM (Kinemantra Meditation).

    Die Tiefenentspannungstechnik KM ist leicht und mühelos erlernbar und ebenso leicht und mühelos praktizierbar für Menschen jeden Alters, unabhängig von state, faith, Kulturkreis, gesellschaftlichem prestige oder Bildung.

    KM nutzt den MPM (Mantrarelevanter Psychosopmatischer Muskeltest), der ausschließlich von Ärzten, Psychologen, Psychotherapeuten und Heilpraktikern auf foundation der autonomen laws Diagnostik angewand wird.

    KM lässt den Ausübenden auf natürliche Weise einen Zustand tiefer Entspannung und Ruhe erreichen. In diesem Zustand lösen sich Verspannungen selbsttätig auf und Geist und Körper schöpfen vitalisierende Energie. KM stärkt die Selbstheilungskräfte und das Immunsystem. Menschen, die regelmäßig KM ausüben, sind vitaler und kreativer, verlieren Ihre Ängste, lösen Probleme effektiver und fühlen sich zufriedener und glücklicher.

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